• Date: May 2021 •
Sculptor CPQ is available on AppExchange now!

Why does your business call for a configure price quote (CPQ) solution?

With consistent business growth, staying customer-centric becomes a real struggle. Keeping in mind the importance of a personalized approach, sales reps nudge prospects with special offers, discounts, and various subscription models. As the client base is extending, the problem of data management comes to the fore. Data quality inconsistencies may look like that:
  • Sales reps don't have direct access to up-to-the-minute prices
  • Customer data is collected in different sources
  • Time-consuming complicated calculations take place too often
As a result, the sales cycle becomes longer. Sales reps spend time on calculations instead of taking care of their customers, which leads to lost sales opportunities. Moreover, to err is human, so mistakes in final quotes are common.
CPQ software is built to simplify quoting operations and solve the mentioned issues. Its goal is to help your team close deals fast with easy-to-use tools for subscription and contract management and delivering accurate automated quotes.
The market abounds with CPQ solutions. Typically, they are overloaded with functionality that is rarely used in real-life situations. Most of the solutions are hard to configure and require additional training or a bunch of CPQ experts by your side. Settings are hidden all over the system, and unexpected calculations may take place. Last but not least, you never get all the needed information on one screen. Instead, you have to switch between numerous screens and remember your last change to make the next one right.
That's why we came up with our own CPQ solution.
Sculptor CPQ is available on AppExchange now!

What makes Sculptor CPQ stand out from other solutions?

Sculptor didn't appear out of the blue. We have set up various CPQ solutions, analyzed their main roadblocks and possible ways to overcome them. Our solution is simple, transparent, and powerful at the same time.

The Benefits of SCULPTOR CPQ

  • Straightforward guidance
    Quick and easy setup along with a user-friendly interface drives immediate results. Install and start using it right away
  • Easy-to-understand screens
    You don't need to switch between screens anymore.
    Keep all the essential data at hand
  • Dynamic transparent pricing
    Track how the price is composed - at last!
  • Interactive quotes
    Let your clients be part of the process. Track how they interact with the quotes, measure their interest, and close deals faster
As mentioned, accessibility is the core value of Sculptor. So here is a special bonus - our basic version is free of charge! You can try out all the features right away to make sure they solve the pains of your business.


Tailor your offer to the client's needs quickly with an adaptable automated configuration process
  • Product Catalogue and Quote/Bundle Line items view are on the same page
    Cut back on routine operations and keep your data organized
  • Double-click and Drag & Drop Support and Dynamic Product Grouping, Pricebook Switching & Display of Prices and Totals
    Easily manageable tools, as well as access to real-time prices and products, allow your team to define the customer's intent and make best-fit offers just with a few clicks and scrolls
  • Bundles for complex products and services and Tips to enable guided selling
    Speed up the configuration of complicated cases using Bundles with Product options in them. Set up the rules upon a customizable model based on the bundle type to empower direct or partner sales.

    In case a Bundle is non-configurable, changes can still be made to its total quantity.

    The best part is that every bundle has a tip (hover) so that salespeople know what they can or can't configure and why
  • Expandable/Collapsible Sections of the Builder
    Сompose quotes with lightning speed by setting up complementary and incompatible items in a bundle to ensure sales managers don't make a mistake even if they want to. They choose the correct right items, so they never clash.

    Every item (option) has a tip to guide users along the process.


Focus on your customer interactions rather than pricing details. Automated rules create pathways for sales reps to deliver accurate and professional quotes
  • Smart condition & action editor for rules automation
    Provide your regular customer with a cumulative discount. You don't have to keep in mind who, when and what purchased from you. Just set up the pricing rule, and we do the rest.
  • Visible rules & manual discounts processing
    For each Line Item, prices are calculated automatically on the quote editing screen. But by clicking a special icon you enable manual editing of the discount in case of an urgent need.

    Due to the effect of Discount Management, you will see explanations of how exactly the price was composed.


Minimize to-and-fro iterations with customers by giving them access to the process. Let them edit quotes in real time and close deals faster
  • Quote template editor, PDF Quote renderer
    Customize your quotes with configurable branded templates. Generate bespoke PDFs with all the required details to truly stand out.
  • Webpage interactive configurator, dynamic Quotes
    Create dynamic quotes for productive and secure collaboration with the customer without emailing multiple versions of static quotes.
    Let customers come up with the best solution while they interact with the quote and review different options based on dynamic recalculations.
    Integration with DocuSign allows closing deals in real time.
  • Customer interaction statistics and reporting
    Track how customers interact with the quote, measure their interest, and close deals faster with a notification system and powerful analytics.
it's free and never expires!
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