European sea freight provider
accelerated accurate quote generation WITH SCULPTOR CPQ pricing rules

Project Summary

European sea freight provider
The customer provides shipping services from over 120 ports around the world. It's one of the world's largest container shipping company with the transportation capacity of over 12 million containers every year.
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sculptor CPQ
Sales Team
Quote templates creation
Manual discount management
Automated price calculations
Decline of sales processes


The company faced the need to strengthen the effectiveness of sales teams and automate those business processes that usually take a lot of time and manual procedures. The most crucial pain point was that sales reps wasted a lot of time to create error-free quotes with individual discounts for regular and new VIP clients.
This is how the requirement for the Twistellar development team was formulated:
Implement a cloud-based sales software solution that will accelerate and automate the process of quotes generation in Sales Cloud.
The Sculptor team audited the customer's Salesforce CRM and suggested to implement Sculptor CPQ as a flexible sales tool that will allow creating and admin automated pricing rules. The main focus was dedicated to the following accounts’ criteria of the customer's clients:
Revenue size


The implementation of CPQ allowed the customer to completely resolve their business pains.
All issues of the discount calculations have been fixed by creating automated pricing rules for different scenarios and types of clients. Now, quotes that match certain account criteria (industry/location/revenue size) are processed automatically with price rules management and discounts are applied automatically.
Automation of discount calculations
Sales reps admitted that the process of creating and managing price rules is user-friendly and intuitive and it doesn't require coding skills or usage of complicated algorythms.
Our team helped the customer with quote templates customization to get rid of awkward excel and powerpoint proposal templates. Now the cusomers's quoting process is smooth and streamlined with a set of customized quote templates created in Sculptor CPQ.
To sum up, Sculptor CPQ implementation provided the Customer with the following achievements:
Setting up pricing and discount automated rules for customer's accounts
We helped to stipulate all kinds of pricing rules to match the important accounts criterias such as industry, location and revenue size. Now certain price rules are applied automatically when the conditions are met and the sales reps are freed from manual discount calculations for any quote.
Creation a set of customized quote templates
A bundle of customized nice-looking quote templated were created to facilitate the sales reps' work in generation of accurate proposals to the clients. Now this process is streamlined and standardized.


Now the Customer is able to run a more balanced sales strategy, reducing priority projects risks in a highly competitive environment. The decision-process regarding quotes’ discounts for all types of clients has become automated and more predictable. An extra benefit of Sculptor implementation is that it provides the excellent opportunity to deal with multi-currency projects globally.
Efficiency Impact
Automated discount execution
32% velocity raise of the VIP clients deals
Optimized pricing policy
Customized quote templates
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