• Date: March 2023 •
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Sculptor CPQ Product Manager at Sculptor
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Sculptor CPQ, cloud-based quoting and pricing automation software for Salesforce, and Squaretalk, a leading provider of cloud communication software, have announced a strategic partnership to help businesses streamline their flows.
  • Dmitri Leichik
    CEO at Twistellar
    We are thrilled to partner with Squaretalk to offer businesses a comprehensive solution for streamlining their sales process.
    By combining our Sсulptor CPQ capabilities with Squaretalk’s cutting-edge call center platform, we are confident that we can help businesses increase their efficiency and improve their customer experience
The partnership will highlight the strengths of both companies to provide businesses with a synergy of Salesforce native, easy-to-use solutions to communicate with clients, track the client's call history, configure, price, and quote products, and close deals faster with greater revenues.
The combined capabilities of Sculptor CPQ and Squaretalk will help businesses optimize their sales tech stack to interact with customers more smoothly and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Elie Rubin
    CEO at Squaretalk
    Salesforce is a great and complex platform, and choosing the best and most effective solutions for your business is a real challenge, but if you succeed, it's a win-win for all parties. That's why we're so excited to partner with Sculptor CPQ to empower our clients with a quick and flexible quoting solution to perform effectively in a highly competitive environment and streamline sales.
The partnership will also enable businesses to access real-time customer data within the CRM platform, allowing them to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. This real-time data will enable businesses to create personalized quotes and proposals that meet the customer’s exact requirements.

About Sculptor CPQ

Sculptor CPQ is Salesforce-native quoting and pricing software designed to automate time-consuming manual sales team operations and close deals faster.
The app streamlines the processes of product and pricing rule configuration, empowering sales teams to generate and send accurate sales proposals effortlessly and quickly. Sculptor CPQ significantly increases the velocity and volume of deals and provides excellent revenue forecasting capabilities.
The average time to implement Sculptor CPQ and set up all the flows in Salesforce takes only two weeks, while sales reps usually get used to Sculptor in two days due to its user-friendly interface, and no-coding algorithms.
Sculptor CPQ is available via Test Drive or non-expiring Trial on the AppExchange.
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About Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a powerful cloud communications platform helping growing businesses boost customer engagement by providing flexible and effective solutions to decentralized teams.
Squaretalk is a multinational tech company operating in Israel and Bulgaria with worldwide coverage and a vast ecosystem of integrations and automations with the most popular business tools such as Salesforce CTI, Zoho Phonebridge, Hubspot, Freshworks, Freshdesk, Zendesk,, Match-trade, Slack, Teams, Dynamics CRM, Google Sheets and many more.
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