11 Top Salesforce CPQ Alternatives for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Date: February 2024
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Oksana Mikhalchuk
Head of Content
The success of Salesforce billing software hinges on your processes. Technology can only salvage a well-designed workflow.
Conversely, with the right processes, CPQ becomes the ultimate accelerant.
The merging trends like usage-based pricing, heightened focus on user experience, and seamless integration of self-serve features are reshaping CPQ expectations and defining the demand.
But even though CPQ benefits outweigh perceived costs and offer a swift path to ROI, many Salesforce teams are still wary of CPQ software because of outdated interfaces and complex implementation processes.
Salesforce CPQ Alternatives Benefits
CPQ Implementation Benefits
While the official Salesforce CPQ app boasts robust capabilities, not all organizations possess the budget or resources for its enterprise-scale implementation and learning curve. In such cases, small and medium businesses may find value in exploring Salesforce CPQ alternatives that are more accessible, cost-effective, and intuitive to install, set up, and use.

Top Salesforce CPQ Alternatives for SMBs

Let’s compare a few of the less-known yet tried-and-tested CPQ Salesforce options and provide comprehensive overviews based on user reviews.
Sculptor CPQ is one of the leading Salesforce CPQ alternatives, designed for users seeking an intuitive, efficient, and highly integrated tool to optimize their quote-to-cash processes.
Its differentiating feature is a drag-and-drop product configurator, an extremely gentle learning curve, and an intuitive interface. Easy to install, configure, and test, Sculptor CPQ does not affect your established processes and can be as easily uninstalled if it does not meet your business requirements.
Sculptor CPQ for Salesforce
Salesforce CPQ Alternatives
Key features:
  • Intuitive catalog configuration: smart filtering, dynamic pricing display, and one-page view for efficient catalog and bundle management
  • Automated price calculations: streamlined pricing for complex scenarios like subscriptions and add-ons, with detailed tracking of price composition
  • Interactive quote collaboration: clients can edit their quotes online, modifying products and quantities
Free trial: A non-expirable free trial is available with a limit of 2 active pricing rules and up to 10 interactive web quotes per month.
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Two plans are available: $89 per month and $999 per year
Sculptor CPQ is highly regarded for its simplicity, powerful features, and seamless integration with Salesforce. Users appreciate its speed, efficiency, and positive impact on their sales processes. The Interactive Web Quote feature and the support from the Sculptor team receive notable praise.
Overall, Sculptor CPQ is a valuable tool for users seeking an intuitive and efficient CPQ solution within the Salesforce ecosystem.


  • Lack of rule testing functionality to reduce the need for frequent re-deployment during rule changes
  • The need for a cleaner data API for better data management
  • Possible customization and configuration limitations
  • Not quite suitable for enterprises

2) Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ is a SaaS suite that integrates with Salesforce and offers adaptable tools for quoting and ordering. It empowers users to modify business logic and forms to address intricate pricing requirements.
This Salesforce CPQ alternative integrates on-premise ERP systems and cloud applications, ensuring a consistent and efficient customer experience.
Key features:
  • CPQ product configurator: Image-based configuration, parametric rules and constraints engine, integration with various CRMs, Multi-channel capabilities, cloud-based or on-premise deployment
  • CPQ enterprise-level quoting: Support for multi-level sales channels
  • 2D and 3D design automation: Product visualization tools for immediate confirmation, integration with CAD systems, detailed shop drawings specific to selected configurations
Free trial: No information
Salesforce native: No
Available on AppExchange: Through integrators only
Price: Custom pricing upon request
Users appreciate the simplicity of Infor's CPQ, which is enhanced by the option for customization through custom programs. Generating accurate sales quotes and proposals is a quick and streamlined process.
This is one of the Salesforce CPQ alternatives that is particularly well-suited for organizations with complex dimensional CPQ manufacturing requirements.

  • Change control and version management need improvement
  • Security limitations within the CPQ development environment restrict access for non-IT staff
  • The learning curve for writing rules and constraints is steep, requiring additional training
  • Lack of established documentation
  • Concerns about search performance against large-scale quote databases
  • High maintenance costs and complexities in troubleshooting CPQ rules

3) PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Smart Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) by PROS is one of the Salesforce CPQ competitors that transforms the quoting process, enabling sales organizations to provide continuous value throughout the customer journey.
Fueled by AI and machine learning, this platform delivers an omnichannel selling experience supported by valuable insights, enhancing sales execution and fostering growth. By leveraging these technologies, B2B companies can deliver real-time, personalized offers that capture every opportunity, turning the platform into a dynamic insights engine for maximizing revenue.
Key features:
  • Develop and deploy product offers swiftly with one-click distribution using PROS Smart CPQ
  • Create 100% reliable branded quotes and proposals efficiently to accelerate the contracting process
  • Utilize data science-driven pricing guidance within CPQ for smarter decision-making on customer willingness to pay
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Three packages starting at $60 per user/ month, $95 per user/month on AppExchange.
The annual cost for the starting plan is $720 per user, while the AppExchange plan is $1,140 per user.
Users appreciate the dedicated and responsive support, while the advanced configuration engine adeptly handles product complexity.
The tool's ease of integration, setup, and maintenance adds to its user-friendly nature. It offers a scalable and functional platform with flexibility in parameterization and real-time performance. The analytics function provides valuable insights into business and price performance.

  • Complex configuration and subpar support have been mentioned as drawbacks
  • Limited documentation and difficulties accessing log and production environment
  • Areas for improvement include pricing flexibility, software maintenance costs, and a more transparent product roadmap
  • The website-based operation has been reported to be slow

4) bit2win CPQ

This is one of Salesforce CPQ alternatives that has garnered favor for its versatile product definition, accommodating the implementation of intricate pricing rules.
Notably, its seamless integration with Salesforce, a widely used CRM platform, enhances its popularity. bit2win CPQ is committed to ongoing improvement, featuring regular updates and a promising roadmap for future technical enhancements. Users appreciate the out-of-the-box GraphQL web services, which facilitate smooth integration with external systems, and Bit2Win's multi-cloud approach.
Key features:
  • Accelerate proposal and quoting generation with an advanced rules engine and order management
  • Quickly address client and prospect needs with the availability of a SaaS solution
  • Increase sales across multiple channels through full integration with leading CRM and ERP systems
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at €60 per user per month, the annual cost for the starting plan is €720 per user
The Salesforce CPQ alternative is noted for being user-friendly and flexible, adapting to diverse business needs. It effectively addresses complex scenarios and demonstrates compatibility with major CRMs.
The Matrix parameter catalog API and stability contribute to its positive attributes. Users also highlight the innovative team's commitment to providing 24x7 service and consulting.

  • Lack of flexibility and dependence on integration partners for small changes post-implementation
  • Challenges in managing pricing for large product catalogs
  • Considerable implementation costs
  • Difficulties in testing the product before implementation
  • Challenges in finding consultants with expertise in the solution
  • Complex version upgrades after extensive customizations
  • Limited availability of third-party integrators
  • Insufficient training documentation

5) CloudSense CPQ

CloudSense CPQ product is one of the most comprehensive Salesforce CPQ alternatives, seamlessly integrated into Salesforce. It offers advanced sales order tracking management and extensive customization options.
salesforce cpq alternatives: cloudsense cpq
 Image credit: CPQ, Product Catalog, Commerce, Contract & Order Management on Salesforce, powered by CloudSense
Key features:
  • End-to-end support for the entire Quote-to-Cash lifecycle, from CPQ (Configure Price Quote) to billing
  • Guided selling, dynamic configuration, intelligent pricing, and flexible quoting capabilities
  • Decomposed and orchestrated orders, manage business processes, and design intuitive graphical workflows
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $85 per user/month, the annual cost for the starting plan is $1,020 per user
As with many of the Salesforce CPQ alternatives mentioned above, the app's user-friendly design allows for quick changes and updates post-application setup, ensuring adaptability.
Responsive customer support, templates, and drag-and-drop processes enhance the user experience. The product boasts extensibility, flexibility, and modest pricing compared to competitors, providing omnichannel capabilities for efficient Configure, Price, and Quote processes.
  • Poor UX and lack of intuitive user journeys
  • Technical performance issues affecting reliability
  • Lack of UI for certain admin cases, leading to usability challenges
  • Steep learning curve and significant training requirements
  • Difficulty in implementation with long setup times
  • Lack of a free trial option for exploring the product
  • Limited documentation affecting the onboarding process
  • Issues reported with customer support and project management resources

6) ConnectWise Sell CPQ

This product is an installable Salesforce-managed package/connector that provides quoting and proposal management, offering a degree of customization for quotes and proposals. It allows users to create pre-defined templates and provides a functional search feature with cloud-based efficiency.
The solution is customizable to meet user preferences, and templates can save time in the quoting process. The product facilitates tracking client interactions. A notable feature is its integration with ConnectWise CRM and other software programs.
Key features:
  • Distributor quote import: Import quotes from distributors, simplifying the quoting process
  • Built-in eSignature: Obtain electronic signatures on quotes and proposals within the platform
  • Real-time distributor pricing & availability: Access up-to-date pricing and availability information from distributors
  • Reporting & business analytics: Gain insights into quoting performance and sales trends through robust reporting
  • Product catalog: Utilize a comprehensive catalog for easy product selection during quoting
  • Management approvals: Facilitate approvals for quotes and proposals from management
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $89 per user/month, three plans are available.
The annual cost for the starting plan is $1,068 per user
The solution is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences. You can save time by using pre-designed templates for your quotes and proposals. If you ever need help, the customer support is excellent, assisting whenever needed. It also keeps track of all your interactions with clients.
The product is equipped with CRM capabilities, helping you keep track of professional services engagements. Customizing it to suit your business needs is straightforward, making it a versatile tool for various organizations.
  • Limited word processing functionality affecting document editing
  • Issues with third-party integrations and recurring requests
  • Limited editing options for temуplates
  • Lack of order entry capabilities, limiting transactional features
  • Mobile experience limitations, constraining on-the-go usability
  • The lengthy setup process, delaying implementation timelines
  • Higher price compared to peers within the product category
  • Lag time in reflecting approved quotes, affecting real-time updates
  • Unorganized and out-of-date training material, impacting onboarding

7) Epicor CPQ

Epicor CPQ is another example of Salesforce CPQ alternatives designed to streamline sales processes and ensure adherence to correct pricing procedures.
It offers effective order management within a company system and provides real-time data analytics for comprehensive ERP implementation and delivery.
Key features:
  • Gaming-quality 2D, 3D, and AR configurators provide an immersive product experience for customers
  • Automated generation of everything needed for manufacturing, from CAD files to BOMs, streamlining the ETO manufacturing process
  • Intuitive, no-code rules engine simplifies the creation and maintenance of rules governing product configuration, pricing, and sales
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $150 per user/month, volume discounts start at 50 users or more.
The annual cost for the starting plan is $1,800 per user
Epicor CPQ supports end-to-end ERP implementation with real-time data analytics, providing a modern tool for creating various configurations. Its integration with Salesforce enhances its capabilities, and the user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users.
Additionally, the ability to write rules using snap code, product visualization, and effective management of customization deployment contribute to its technical prowess.
  • Inaccurate estimates for professional services impact cost and timing
  • Limited real-time data insights with resource-intensive implementation
  • Beginner users may find the software challenging
  • Lack of quick save/backup management
  • Performance issues and difficulty in moving elements around on the UI for end users

8) Vendavo Intelligent CPQ

Vendavo Intelligent CPQ is another example of comprehensive Salesforce CPQ alternatives for businesses seeking efficient pricing and quoting processes.
The platform offers detailed pricing insights, making it user-friendly for marketing and sales teams, with efficient negotiated discount approval processes. It simplifies configuration for sales teams, allowing customization of CPQ data presentation and delivering outstanding reporting capabilities.
Key features:
  • Guided selling and programmatic up-sells/cross-selling: Elevated sales effectiveness with pricing and margin-based tools, guiding teams to select optimal quotes for maximum profitability
  • Efficient quote processing: Reduce complex quotes from hours to milliseconds by utilizing the Admin Console for easy data upload and rule configuration
  • Embedded analytics for revenue enhancement: Reduce configuration-to-order time for streamlined sales while monitoring sales performance seamlessly with embedded analytics
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $145,000 per company/year
Users appreciate the detailed product selection guide, intuitive pricing entry, and self-customization capabilities, including seamless integration with InforCRM.
This is one of Salesforce CPQ alternatives that is commended for its comprehensive product selection guide, aiding users in understanding available offerings. Users also noted efficient negotiated discount approval processes and pricing management, as well as easy configuration for sales teams and reporting capabilities for comprehensive insights.
  • Issues with the proposal document upload process
  • Configuration challenges during implementation
  • Limited approval process options, with reported bugs in the new Admin UI
  • Compatibility issues with new browsers
  • The higher learning curve for users, especially those joining after implementation

9) QuoteWerks CPQ

Here’s another Salesforce CPQ alternative that stands out as a versatile platform that enhances the efficiency of sales processes through its intuitive features.
The platform's user-friendly interface, rich feature set, and integration with various business tools, including major CRM, PSA, ERP, and accounting software, contribute to its positive reception.
quotewerks cpq for salesforce
Image credit: QuoteWerks
Key features:
  • Electronic delivery of quotes and proposals while tracking customer interactions and progress
  • Creation, editing, and delivery of quotes and proposals using contacts and products
  • Automatic updates to the pipeline as quotes and proposals are created and closed
Free trial: Not available
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $269 per user/one-time on AppExchange. Three plans are available directly, starting at $15 per user per month.
The yearly cost for the starting plan on AppExchange is $3,228 per user. There are also three plans available directly, starting at $180 per user per year.
Users appreciate its capability to configure product information, facilitating effective selling easily. This Salesforce CPQ alternative has notably improved sales processes for organizations, especially after integration with CRM and accounting systems.
The app's flexibility and customization options cater to specific business needs, and the ability to work outside the company's software adds to its appeal.
  • Limitations in the reporting function, particularly its requirement to run locally
  • Constraints on product description length
  • Lack of modernized user interface and consideration for a web-based solution

10) Experlogix CPQ

Experlogix CPQ is positioned as a highly flexible and well-integrated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution with a focus on Microsoft CRM.
The platform excels in configurator customization, streamlining processes with seamless Microsoft CRM integration, and ensuring coordination of products and services.
Its user-friendly interface, automation tools, excellent customer service, and configurable reporting further contribute to its positive reception.
experlogix cpq: salesforce cpq alternatives
Image credit: Experlogix CPQ
Key features:
  • Precision in orders: eliminate errors in quotes and orders for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Strategic sales support: leverage intelligent recommendations for effective up-selling and cross-selling, boosting revenue
Free trial: Free access to the Vision Product Selector interface
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Starting at $109 per user per month. The yearly cost for the starting plan is $1,308 per user
The Salesforce CPQ alternative earns acclaim for its adaptability in configurator customization, allowing businesses to tailor the tool to their specific needs effortlessly.
Users also commend the platform's coordination capabilities for managing products and services, its user-friendly interface that reduces errors with automation tools, and its responsive customer service.
The platform's ability to configure reports according to specific requirements adds to its appeal. The positive feedback emphasizes that Experlogix CPQ is both versatile and accessible, making it a valuable tool for diverse users.
  • Integration with Dynamics Business Central is reported to be not ready, leading to dissatisfaction among users
  • There is a suggestion for adding a tester for rules to enhance user experience
  • The absence of a clean data API, impacts data management and integration with other systems

11) Flexpricer CPQ

One of the not many partially free native Salesforce CPQ alternatives, the FlexPricer enhances the product management process in Salesforce by introducing a custom price selector available in both Lightning and Classic versions. This tool offers advanced search capabilities, detailed product information, and user-friendly guidance.
The Salesforce CPQ software simplifies the bundling of products into specific quantities or packages, instantly updating relevant metrics on the product selector screen. FlexPricer aims to improve traditional workflows, providing users with a more efficient and intuitive experience when updating opportunities.
Key features:
  • Comprehensive discounting features and detailed sales contribution metrics offer powerful insights
  • Well-designed interface that ensures an interactive and user-friendly experience for seamless usage
  • High-level automation that streamlines processes, enhancing overall efficiency
Free trial: Available, unless the increase in users, usage, or features is required
Salesforce native: Yes
Available on AppExchange: Yes
Price: Freemium model (free to use in limited version). Pricing plans start at $15 per user/month. The annual cost for the starting plan is $180 per user
The tool offers a drag-and-drop interface, automatic field updates, and reduced clicks, enhancing user adoption.
Users note that the app now provides key information at crucial moments, leading to improved sales quality, reduced miss-selling, and potential upselling opportunities.
In addition, it displays pricing and discounting metrics upfront, enabling sales reps to make informed decisions, and potentially influencing discounting, upselling, and cross-selling strategies during the sales lifecycle.
  • Many features may feel overwhelming initially
  • Time-consuming setup process
  • Keeping products up-to-date requires extra admin work
  • Integrating with Salesforce CPQ may need some restructuring

Configure, Price, Quote Salesforce Alternatives: What’s Your Choice?

Сonfigure, price, quote Salesforce alternatives come in a number of shapes and sizes and offer a range of features catering to different business needs. From robust quoting and integration capabilities to configurator customization and comprehensive product selection guides, each solution has its strengths.
Businesses seeking enhanced quoting experiences must weigh factors like customization, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness when choosing the right CPQ solution. The decision ultimately hinges on the specific requirements and priorities of the organization.

FAQ: Best Salesforce CPQ Alternatives

Yes, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is in high demand, particularly in B2B industries. It streamlines complex sales processes, leading to enhanced revenue growth and improved sales efficiency.
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