The company manufacturing building materials increased deals size 15% and reduced in costs of 10%

Project Summary

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A building materials supplier in Germany

A growing company that sells building materials and has been operating for more than 12 years with several branches across the country. The company's product list includes more than 4000 product items.

Total Employee
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sculptor CPQ
Sales Team
Uneasy quote template editing
Quick customization of
quote templates
Lack of pricing management tools

Powerful product configurator
for all scenarios
Pricing rules automation with manual input availability
Absence of a flexible product configurator


A company specializing in building materials was facing performance issues with their sales process. The company had been using a stand-alone CPQ solution for several years, but the software was not meeting their needs when the business. The sales team was struggling with a range of pain points that were preventing the company from closing deals quickly and effectively:
Lack of pricing management tools
The sales reps needed to manually set up prices for certain quote line items and provide individual custom discounts per quote. Besides, all the clients of the company are ranked into multiple categories depending on their order volume per year; this was another important criterion that couldn't be automated within the current CPQ software.
Poor product and bundling configuration capabilities
The most crucial problem here was the absence of a quick and flexible configuration tool that would help sales reps create various product sets quickly. Some products required an automatic addition of certain products or features while being selected. This couldn't be achieved by the current CPQ software.
Limited quote template customization options
The CPQ software the company had been using has limited options for quote template customization, making it challenging to create a quote that meets specific business requirements for certain customers. And it was a rather time-consuming process because the users were left to figure out the process on their own without adequate support from the CPQ vendor.


The company's initial request was to implement Sales Cloud and a CPQ solution native to Salesforce. Salesforce CRM provides management transparency with lots of collaboration tools for different teams inside the company.
The Sculptor team has recently published a Best Automation Software for Sales Checklist with useful tips that help select the best Salesforce apps to automate sales for any business already using Salesforce CRM. Sculptor CPQ was the best fit for the client because it's native to Salesforce, provides seamless integration, is quickly adopted by its users, and is very powerful and customizable in multiple scenarios. With Sculptor CPQ, the company was able to streamline its sales process and improve its profitability.
Now sales reps use Sculptor CPQ to effectively provide complex quotes to various types of clients. Different discounts are automatically applied to the quotes if they match certain criteria. The overall speed of sales increased drastically, which allowed the company to scale its business even more.
Some of the steps that were taken to accelerate the client's sales flow:
Setting up product automation rules
The Sculptor team helped configure and activate product rules that automatically added certain products or features to the quote when a certain product was preselected in a product bundle or a quote total reached a certain amount. Now the sales reps don't need to check these things twice to make sure that everything is included in a sales proposal.
Setting up pricing management
We showed the company's sales reps how pricing and discount rules can be set up, activated, and prioritized in several clicks with no coding in Sculptor CPQ. Additionally, sales reps benefited from easy manual editing of product prices and discounts in a quote for specific business needs.
Quote templates customization
Sculptor provides flexible capabilities to edit a quote template and build a new one with different blocks, as well as import and adjust the company's corporate quote template in Sculptor to meet any customer's expectations with a nice and accurate proposal. All customization settings are displayed in one window, along with instructions on how to quickly rebuild a template.


The implementation of Sculptor CPQ allowed the company to significantly improve their sales process and increase their profits. The turnaround time for generating accurate quotes was reduced from several days to just a few hours, allowing the company to respond quickly to customer inquiries and close more deals. The company's management admitted Sculptor has pricing management tools with controlled transparency of individual discounts that can be provided manually by a sales representative to different types of clients in a wide range of scenarios.
The improved performance of Sculptor CPQ also enabled the company's sales reps to create, maintain, and update all products and product bundles quickly and effortlessly due to its user-friendly interface and convenient product grouping and filtering.
Additionally, the implementation of Sculptor CPQ allowed the company to reduce data entry errors by 95%, eliminating costly mistakes that could have resulted in lost sales.
Efficiency Impact
10% reduction in costs
15% deal size raise
X5 faster product and bundle configuration
85% reduction in quote recalculations and errors
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