Project Summary

European medical supplies manufacturer

A preferred European partner for leading healthcare imrpovent companies and institutions operating for more than 20 years in the European Union with a wide network of regional subsidiaries. The company provide medical equipment and supplies with more than 1,500 product items.

Total Employee
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sculptor CPQ
Sales Team
Quick quotes generation
Errors in quotes
Customizable product filters
Time consuming approval process
All-in-one screen quotes view
Quotes approvals automation
Absense of easy quotes navigation


The company faced the need to strengthen the effectiveness of sales teams and automate those business processes that usually take a lot of time and manual procedures. The most crucial pain point was that sales reps wasted a lot of time to get approval from the CFO for numerous quotes for regular VIP clients.
This is how the requirement for the Twistellar development team was formulated:
Implement a cloud-based sales software solution that will accelerate and automate the process of quotes approving by the CFO. It should also allow building custom rules that will automatically filter all the quotes by the size of accounts’ annual revenue.


The implementation of CPQ allowed the customer to completely resolve their business pains.
All issues of the approval process between the sales reps and the CFO have been fixed by creating automated approval rules for quotes. The CFO created a set of pricing rules.
Now, quotes that match certain account criteria (annual revenue size) could not be sent to the customer immediately. First, these quotes are to receive a mandatory approval from the CFO in Sculptor CPQ management.
Sculptor CPQ quote approval process
Once such a quote is automatically sent to the CFO, he receives a notification alert and can easily and quickly investigate the quote proposal and approve it or decline with a message in the Chatter box for a sales rep.
Now sales reps can quickly interact with the management via Sculptor interface to simplify quote approval process. If Quote is approved, the “Approval Received” status and a green dot will be shown. If Quote was rejected, the “Approval Rejected” status and a red dot will be shown.
Sculptor CPQ Approval status
Three main steps were undertaken to speed up sales flows of the client:
Setting up and activating approval criteria
We helped configure and activate various approval scenarios for quotes. Now the sales reps don't get approvals offline. Everything is interconnected to automate approval process regarding necessary criteria in Sculptor CPQ.
All-in-one view Quote Builder
User-friendly three window interface of Sculptor CPQ provides a remarkable opportunity to navigate, filter, search and edit any quote in Quote Builder without toggling the screens.
Quote templates customization
Sculptor team demostrated the Customer's sales reps how easily they can define the look of the company's quote PDFs by creating easily customizable templates. Now every sales rep is able to build a smart quote template with extra blocks and attached files (uploaded from Salesforce Cloud or PC storage) to satisfy any client's needs.


The client accelerated its sales flows with Sculptor automated quote approvals management and flexible product configurator. The sales team is now able to close deals X3 faster that resulted in revenue raise and optimization of everyday sales operations,
Efficiency Impact
X3 faster quotes approvals
32% deals velocity raise
27% shorter sales cycle
49% higher quotes volume
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