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ROC Ventures
ROC Ventures manages a collection of brands in the sports, entertainment, and real estate sectors. These include the Milwaukee Wave, The Rock Sports Complex, three Summer College Baseball Franchises located in IN and NY, and the Ballpark Commons
development. The company provides marketing assets to regional and national businesses that use ROC Ventures’ services to promote their products.
Total Employee
Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sculptor CPQ
Sales Team
Quotes generated in 30 mins
price lists
Time-consuming approval process
Сustomized quote templates
Absenсe of flexible product configurator
Automated pricing rules
Configured product bundles

Project insights from the ROC Ventures team

  • Senior Vice President 
    I realized that Sculptor fits our needs almost immediately… frankly I liked it from the first demo.

    A comprehensive business analysis was carried out to stipulate the weak points of our current sales flows. The Sculptor team quickly understood how they can address our pain points.

    Sculptor CPQ implementation has changed the way our sales reps interact with customers. With Sculptor CPQ we generate an accurate quote with all product bundles and automation rules applied in just 30 minutes.

    Now ROC Ventures uses Sculptor as a sponsorship and product configurator tool to sell marketing assets to regional and national businesses that use ROC Ventures’ sports and entertainment platforms as a way to market their business.


ROC Ventures approached Twistellar for some urgent customization and improvements to their sales flows in Salesforce CRM. Aside from that, ROC Ventures had been stuck optimizing the quoting process, using a combination of complementary tools to make calculations and provide a finalized proposal to clients. It could take several days to produce an accurate quote.
The ROC Ventures’ team had tested other CPQ tools, but the functionality was not able to support the required capabilities and features the sales reps needed.
The quoting process looked like this:
Old style quoting process
All these steps usually took 3 to 5 days, sometimes even longer, depending on the sales rep’s previous interactions with customers. Generating marketing services quotes with the help of standard tools like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint was labor-intensive, error-prone, and full of revisions. Besides, the company had numerous price lists, some of which were outdated and full of calculation mistakes.
To sum up, seven pain points made ROC Ventures look for an effective CPQ solution:
Multiple disjointed price lists
Absenсe of flexible product configurator
Manual complex calculations
Inconsistencies and errors in contracts
Absense of customised quote templates
Time-consuming approval process
Little time spent selling


Twistellar’s proposal was to implement Sculptor to meet ROC Venture’s growing business needs.
A comprehensive business analysis was carried out to stipulate the weak points of the current sales flows and to address them effectively with Sculptor CPQ.
To reduce manual routine processes, three main steps were undertaken:
Pricing management optimization
We helped ROC Ventures update their price lists and create a consolidated one. After that, pricing rules based on the ROC Ventures accounts’ criteria, were set up and activated.
Product bundles configuration
Our team configured product bundles compromising all marketing services of ROC Ventures.
Quote templates customization
We also customized default quote templates to make them look branded and include all the necessary requirements.
The main request was to implement the automated generation of marketing asset offers. What should this solution look like in practice? Certain marketing services should be automatically added to the quote if its total amount hits a certain price range.
In a generalized form, the solution that Sculptor’s team provided, looks like this:
Sculptor CPQ Automation for ROC Ventures
We also adapted quote templates that ROC Ventures sellers use to generate their commercial offers.
Our team helped to set up a multi–level, convenient deployable grouping of products for sales reps - now all products are represented by a single list with search and filter capabilities.
This solution turned out to be time-saving for sellers. And this is the fundamental difference between Sculptor and other CPQ solutions – now, ROC Ventures’ sales reps that work on their commercial offers, can simultaneously select and add products to the quote without switching between different windows and spreadsheets.
The flexibility of Sculptor CPQ settings made it possible to fully optimize the sales flows of ROC Ventures in the shortest possible time, and automate repetitive manual processes using preconfigured pricing rules, product bundles of marketing services and customized quote templates.
The сomplete Sculptor CPQ implementation took 2 months as we simultaneously expanded the Sculptor default package and developed custom quote templates for all selling scenarios going aligned with ROC Ventures' needs.

Now the ROC Ventures quoting process is optimized and automated:

ROC Ventures quoting process


With Sculptor CPQ, ROC Ventures eliminated all manual steps between several stages of quote preparation. The sales team is now able to hit their selling goals quicker and more accurately, freeing their time to sell more and to communicate with the customers.
Efficiency Impact
Quote generation time reduced from 24 hours to 30 minutes for a typical quote
Automated product rules – marketing services are automatically added to the quotes depending on the total quote amount
Quote approvals are getting X3 faster now due to the smart approval management configuration
Sales reps get used to Sculptor CPQ in a couple of days due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, flexible product and bundle configurator, and transparent pricing rules
Customized quote templates for all ROC Venture’s marketing assets were created to cover all business needs and customer profiles
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